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Grant Requirements
and Procedures
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All grant awards are decided upon and approved by the Board of Directors at their meetings in May and November. No discretionary grants are awarded. The Board reviews recommendations and then votes on all awards. An organization may submit a request for funding toward a program or project which received a grant in the proceeding year. (Example: An organization may apply each year of a three-year campaign with all required information except the tax-determination letter in subsequent years after the initial request has been submitted.)

Grant Making Restrictions

No organization may request funding for more than one project/program in any one grant making cycle (May/November).
The Directors do not make grant awards for:

  • secular programs outside of North America
  • scholarship support to individuals other than those receiving education grants under established foundation programs
  • intermediate organizations which in turn distribute resources to beneficiaries of their own selection
  • individual or group travel purposes (i.e. marching bands, precision drill teams, choirs, etc.)
  • endowment funds (Director’s prerogative)
  • tickets for events or advertising for benefit purposes
  • fraternal organizations
  • political candidates or parties
  • Political Action Committees (PACs) engaged in influencing legislation
  • veterans organizations, labor groups and social clubs
  • coverage of continuing operating deficits
  • document publication costs
  • capital building (brick and mortar)
  • multi-year grant funding

Request Procedures
Deadlines for submitting proposals are March 15 and September 15. Any proposals received after the deadlines will be considered in the next grantmaking cycle. Early proposal submission will assure a more thorough consideration.

Request for grants originate online at To expedite the grant application process for both applicants and the Foundation, we have a tiered screening process as follows:

1. Letter of Inquiry
Applicants review the material on our web site and if appropriate submit a Letter of Inquiry online.

2. Application to Submit a Proposal
Pending a positive response to the Letter of Inquiry, by email or by checking the status of the online account, applicants are invited to submit an Applicant Information Form online.

3. Formal Proposal
Pending a positive response to the Applicant Information Form, by email or by checking the status of the online account, qualified applicants are invited to submit a formal proposal to:

The Huston Foundation
900 West Valley Road, Suite 204
Wayne, PA 19087

A formal proposal includes:

  • A print out of the completed and approved application form — available online in the applicant’s account. (Please note that if an organization has received a grant in the past or has applied before, they still need to send a print out of the completed and approved application form for the current grant request.)
  • Brief written grant proposal (2-4 page)
  • IRS tax-exemption letter, and employer identification number (E.I.N.)
  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of State, Bureau of Charitable Organizations, Certificate of Registration. Contact the PA Bureau of Charitable Organizations or 800-732-0999 for requirements and exemptions.
  • Agency’s most recent IRS Form 990
  • History of organization
  • Statement of Faith (Protestant Evangelical Christian Organizations only)
  • Provide names of supporting organizations providing public and private funding sources in general or for this specific project
  • List of the Board of Directors
  • Agency’s current operating budget and detailed project budget
  • Statement that there has been no change in purpose, character, or method of operation since the organization’s IRS tax letter was issued
  • Present project goals in quantifiable objectives, where applicable
  • Do not staple pages, other than Form 990

Conditions of Grant Agreement
Program Monitoring
The Foundation, at its own expense, may monitor and conduct an evaluation of the Grantees operations under this grant. This may include visits by representatives of the Foundation to observe the Grantee’s program, procedures and operations, and discussions of the program with the Grantee’s personnel.

Accounting and Financial Review
A complete and accurate record of the funds received and expenses incurred under this grant must be maintained by the Grantee. Also, the Foundation, at its own expense, may audit the records of the grantee insofar as they relate to the activities funded by this grant.

If this grant has been based upon a detailed expense budget, a copy of the budget should be attached to this Agreement. No changes may be made in budgetary allocations without the Foundation’s prior written approval.

  • the grantee looses tax-exempt status under Federal tax laws or substantially changes its purpose and mission
  • the grantee organization ceases to exist, or the grantee discontinues the object for which the grant is designed before any or all of the grant is expended
  • the grantee fails to comply with any portion of the agreed upon conditions

Tax Exemption and Foundation Status
The grantee shall immediately give written notice to the Foundation if, prior to the receipt of all or any portion of the grant, the grantee ceases to be exempt from federal income taxes under the provisions of Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code or becomes a private foundation under section 509 (a) of the code, or if the purpose and mission of the grantee organization substantially changes.

Continuing Support
By making this grant, the Foundation assumes no obligation to provide other, or additional grants continuing support to the grantee.

In accordance with the schedule above, the grantee shall furnish to the grantor a detailed written report on the use of the grant as well as an appraisal of the program results under the grant for the reporting period. The format of the financial section of these reports should be consistent with that of the attached budget, if any, and should show a comparison of the actual to budgeted expenditures.

In the event that the grantee wishes to issue a news release concerning the grant, the text of the release must be submitted to the Foundation for review and approval no less than ten days prior to the release date.

Unused Funds
In the event that any or the entire grant is not expended within the duration of the specified grant period, the grantee shall inform The Foundation and either return the funds or redirect them according to The Foundation’s wishes.

Reversion of Grant
All, or any portion of the grant awarded shall be returned to the Foundation under the following circumstances:

  • in the event that the grantee looses its tax-exempt status under Federal tax laws all unexpended funds shall be returned to the Foundation
  • should the grantee substantially change its purpose and mission, the grantee shall notify the Foundation of such change and seek permission to divert all or the unexpended portion of the funds to the new program or project. Should the grantee fail to receive permission to divert funds, all unexpended funds shall be returned to the Foundation
  • should the grantee organization cease to exist, or should the grantee discontinue the program for which the grant is designed before any, or all, of the grant is expended, the unexpended funds, then it shall be returned to the Foundation
  • should the grantee fail to comply with any portion of the agreed upon conditions, the unexpended funds shall be returned to the Foundation

Interest Earned from Invested Grant Funds
Any interest earnings which accrue as a result of investing funds awarded, shall be used for the specific purposes of the grant, and shall be reported in the financial section of the progress reports due to the Foundation.

No Other Conditions
The grant shall not be earmarked for any purpose which would cause the grant to be deemed “taxable expenditure� within the meaning of Section 4945 (d) of the Code and Treasury regulations there under.

Special Conditions
The Grantee accepts and agrees to comply with any special conditions that my be imposed by the Foundation at the time the grant is awarded.

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